středa 17. června 2015

Skoda Vision GT

My newest student project. Design of a racing car suitable for Gran Turismo game. I chose Skoda :P

More at:

úterý 24. února 2015


Sneak peek from project I am working on right now. Polygon madness!

úterý 26. srpna 2014

Oblivion Drone Turnable

Personal project - Customized low-poly OBLIVION Drone with 9719 triangles.

Model was created in 3Ds Max, textures in Photoshop using DDO Legacy (normals in xNormal).
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Music by: Ludovico Einaudi - Walk (Phaeleh Remix)

Of Course, all credits goes to Daniel Simon and his endless imagination.

pátek 1. srpna 2014

#3 F1 20XX

Some progress today. I started modeling hydrogen engine and made same changes over the body. In my opinion, the shape is very similar to racing cars we know today. I need more futuristic look so there will be some big changes soon - maybe some windshield protecting driver would be nice... I know there is some limitations about driver safety because if the car landed upside down the driver would be trapped inside.

čtvrtek 31. července 2014

#2 F1 20XX

Some rough 3D modeling I've made today using 3Ds studio. Just developing overall shape and finding balance between good desing and believability. My goal is to create scifi-ish vehicle but keep technical side real and "working"....

Now, I'm thinking about hubless wheels to add that desired futuristic look - need to develop some steering system technology and suspension in hand with maintaining functionality.

I added a photo of my favorite books these days :)

středa 30. července 2014

F1 20XX project

A long time passed by since my last post. I had a little online break but I worked hard at school... But now I'm back with my new project. I love racing, I love cars and everything connected with it. So i decided to create my own formula race car.

My goal is to create a formula car in sci-fi environment. I have bough Owner's workshop manual by Red Bull so I hope it will help me to design a vehicle, that will be aesthetically pleasing and believable at the same time. I'm going to use everything that I've learned using 2D concept design ideation through 3D for high detailed modeling and rendering. Complex model with detailed engine and other significant parts is way to go.

Im gonna create some still high resolution shots and my biggest goal is to create short animation using Cryengine!!!

My first doodle of a car and engine concept

sobota 25. ledna 2014

Highspeed racing vehicle

My recent school work. It's a vision of future racing vehicle. Whole design story here